We inform you that our store the MDLR-STORE is now available and online at this address:

We will make new messages and books available to you as they come.

Why do we have an online store for messages and books of exhortations?

This is to fund the needs of the association.

If you follow our various publications, you must have noticed the various goals and various actions of the M.D.L.R. in the world.

This is why we have put a non-profit shop online, because the M.D.L.R. is a non-profit organization.

Messages from Sunday services, prayer services and Bible courses are still available for free streaming on our site.

The store is only intended for people who wish to have messages on mobile, tablet, computer or television without having to constantly connect to our site to listen to them again.

God bless you,

Pasteur Serge

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